Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Have a wonderful summer vacation! See you in September.

Friday, June 16, 2017

A Peek At The Week

 Literacy: In reading workshop, the children shared their readers’ theater plays with their favorite audience…their families.  Thanks again for joining us on Tuesday morning. The class also did some reading and writing about sea stars, sea urchins, and lobsters this week.  This morning, our sixth grade friends came down from HMS to share the children’s books they recently published. In writing workshop, authors wrote Father’s Day poems and end of the year reflections.  The children also learned more about the difference between poetry and prose.  They started to identify the different rhyming patterns poets use, too. 
Handwriting: The children continued to write numbers.  
Math: Mathematicians spent some time reviewing different skills they’d learned throughout the year. We focused specifically on expand and trade subtraction. 
Theme: Mrs. Landry came in and did a two day agricultural engineering project on hand pollinators with the class.  The children learned a great deal about plants, engineering, and pollination.  
Miscellaneous: Because of the forecast, Field Day was postponed until Monday. Thank you to all of the amazing volunteers that make this special afternoon happen!
Also, as I shared at the Learning Celebration, it has been a wonderful year.  I have enjoyed working with this class so much.  Thank you for your support and for letting me be a part of your child’s education. See you around town!
Looking Ahead: 
June 19th: Field Day (gray shirt)
June 20th: Math Board Game Day 

June 21st: Last Day 11:45 Dismissal

Friday, June 9, 2017

A Peek At The Week

 Literacy: In reading workshop, we have been reading and writing poetry.  We’ve also been reading and writing about the rocky shore.  Readers continued to practice their fairy tale readers’ theater plays.  They are reading quite fluently and are excited to share their plays on the 13th with their families. Our Read-A-Thon on Thursday was a lot of fun!  We even had a chance to visit Mrs. Ney’s third graders and tour their biography wax museum, as part of the special day. In preparation for the event, we read two of Picasso’s biographies and then created name Cubism pieces. The class also wrote about their summer plans and created crab poems.  Finally, a session of TFK rounded out the week. 
Handwriting: The children have worked on writing numbers.  
Math: The children spent some time reviewing different math skills. 
Theme: On Wednesday, the class learned more about the rocky shore through an informative, hands-on Chewonki presentation.  The touch tank was a huge hit.  Scientists also began to learn about plants.  The class conducted an experiment on what plants need to survive.  They also  learned about the plant life cycle and pollination. 
Looking Ahead:
June 13th: Class Learning Celebration from 9:15 to 10(ish)
June 16th: Field Day (Class Color: Gray)

June 21st: Last Day 11:45 Dismissal

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Important Dates

Important Dates for Mrs. Spencer’s Second Graders

June 7th: Wear athletic clothing

June 8th: Read-A-Thon 
Options: pjs, sleeping bag, pillow, stuffy, and books

June 13th: Family Learning Celebration from 9:15 to 9:55/10 (ish)
Students will perform readers’ theater plays and share their work.  
Report cards will be handed out. 

June 16th: Field Day @ 11:45

June 21st: Last Day of School (Half Day w/ Dismissal at 11:45)

Friday, June 2, 2017

A Peek At The Week

 Literacy: In reading workshop, we finished up our fairy tale unit by practicing fairy tale plays and taking a fairy tale final assessment.  Readers also revisited nonfiction and read a book about tide pools.  Finally, TFK rounded out the week.  In writing workshop, the children wrote fairy tale cinquains.  Students also wrote about their special memories of Ms. Honan and Ms. Lane.
Handwriting: The children picked out subjects, verbs, and phrases to create sentences. 
Math: After hearing a folktale about a man named Gram, the great tile maker, and Tan, an emperor, mathematicians worked to solve tangram puzzles.  They also created their own puzzles to solve, as well. 
Theme: This week the mystery box was introduced.  Today the children had a chance to put their hand inside of it. They then tried to guess what rocky shore item was in the box.  We’ll continue this activity throughout the month of June. Also on Thursday, thanks to the generosity of the PTO, the second grade was treated to a presentation by Mr. and Mrs. Fish.  This wonderful couple taught the children about tide pools along the rocky shore.  Finally, the class watched a seashore learning clip.
Looking Ahead:
June 5th: Last Optional Book Order Due
 Our Scholastic class code is: J6YBZ
June 6th: Wear athletic clothing for community meeting in the afternoon
June 7th: Chewonki Presentation at 9:15 and Rowe Ice Cream Social at 6:00 - 7:30 PM 

June 8th: Class Read-a-Thon (Options: books, pjs, pillow, sleeping bag, and small stuffy)